Pycharm's Run window

So I am new to Pycharm I currently have version 2022.3.3 (community addition)
I play a lot with bash scripting so I'm a little bit familiar with programming but not a lot

I am making my first program in Pycharm in Windows 10
here is my sample

import colorama
import os
import time

Number = '\033[1;32m'
Menu_list = '\033[1;34m'
Reset = '\033[0m'

print(Number, '1)', Menu_list, 'Linux check for updates')
print(Number, '2)', Menu_list, 'Linux check for upgrades')
print(Number, '3)', Menu_list, 'apt autoremove ( if no longer required remove them')
print(Number, '4)', Menu_list,  'Linux Bin Library ( Retrieve for Linux computer only')
print(Number, '5)',)


It works perfectly in Windows 10 cmd terminal

What I don't understand is why Pycharm's

Run window shows the " symbol instead of clearing the screen

Is this normal or him I missing something

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Please try enabling "Emulate terminal in the output console" option in the run/debug configuration -- this should allow for shell commands like `cls` to work properly.
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It took me a while to find it because I knew pycharm but I did and I enabled it and it worked perfectly

it is now emulating exactly what cmd terminal is doing

I know it was a little thing but sometimes the little things do matter

thank you very much for your help


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