Single Inspection Missing "Fix all xyz problems" Option


In older versions of Intellij, I had the option to fix all inspection problems for a particular type within a file, but I don't see that option in 2016.3.4.  Was it removed or am I missing something?  To clarify in older versions:

  • Place cursor on highlighted band of code which was identified as problematic by the Automatic Inspections
  • Click Alt+Enter
  • Right Arrow to get to sub-context menu
  • Select "Fix all xyz problems"

So if I had 10 fields in a class, and the inspections are telling me that they should be defined as private instead of public.  I could fix all 10 problems with a single operation.  Now I have to fix each problem individually.

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Thanks Serge!

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This feature is missing again in the 2018 series.

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@Mkalinovits, please follow the code:

class Foo {
public int val1;

public int val2;

public int val3;

public Foo (final int val1, final int val2, final int val3) {
this.val1 = val1;
this.val2 = val2;
this.val3 = val3;

Fix all quick-fix fixes all `Declaration access can be weaker` cases in the sample (IDEA 2018.3.5). Please share the IDEA version and the code sample where the fix doesn't work correct. Thank you


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Thanks for the quick response.

Fix all is working on your sample code, however it is not so intuitive to nest the fix all option under "fix".


The below code has unnecessary "throws Exception" parts what can be fixed only one by one.
In previous versions (2017.x.x) it just worked.

Version: 2018.3.4 (same in 2018.3.5)
OS: MacOS 10.14.3

public class CustomFieldHeaderParserTest {

private CustomFieldHeaderParser parser = new CustomFieldHeaderParser();

public void testParseMultipleTypes() throws Exception {
parser.parse("Temperature {number} {date}", "A1");

public void testParseNoType() throws Exception {
parser.parse("Temperature", "A1");

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