JDK jigsaw issues --patch-module specified more than once for


Hi All.

I'm using IC-171.3224.1 and trying to compile with JDK jigsaw 9-ea+157-jigsaw

I'm using two completely separated build systems ANT and IntelliJ.

So to fix some compilation probelm i have to add in ANT compiler flag:

--patch-module java.corba=F:/views2/r/BoazJDK9_rws/Qrelease/JarExt/jacorb/jacorb-omgapi-3.7.jar --add-modules java.corba


which works

When I'm trying do the same in IntelliJ:

I got an error:

"Error:java: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: --patch-module specified more than once for java.corba"




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Please try adding it into Build, Execution, Deployment | Compiler | Shared build process VM options.

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Thanks !!! It Works !

Can you please explain why ? what is the different ?

Should I add all  -add-exports/--add-modules there




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I've asked the responsible developer to comment.

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Please note that once I added compiler flags to 'Java Compiler' such as -add-export , that above shared options no longer take effect.

I can't add -add-exports in the shared because it doesn't work (has no effect)

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The failure related specifying the `--patch-module` as stated here -> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45545718/cannot-compile-java-9-module-with-patch-module-in-intellij-idea-2017-2-1 doesn't seem to be resolved until now as well. Are there any plans to fix this?


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