Cop query results with headers


I'm switching from AquaData studio to DataGrip, but the biggest missing feature so far is a quick "copy results with header"

In Aqua a simple cmd-W would copy with headers and I could dump my results in an excel file and pass them onto someone else to view.  

In data-grip the only solution I see is to dump to a file, which is a lot clicking and typing and opening files.   I'm sure this is possible with a single keyboard shortcut, what am I missing?



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You can dump your results to csv file with headers and import to excel. 

As for shortcut we're missing it.

Thank you.

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Can you please please please add headers to the clipboard copy as a new feature to a soon release?  It saves me so many minutes per day to just copy to the clipboard instead of dumping to files and opening the files elsewhere.


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The way we have to deal with this now it to choose download to the csv, click headers and format the csv, and then select and copy the query results from the preview window.

It would be nice to not click the header checkbox every time, and it would be nice to have less steps.

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Sorry to bump this - I've just started using DG and a "right-click->copy with headers" is the main thing missing in my workflow. Is this on the horizon to be added?



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One needs to configure custom CSV format:

and then in a query result, one can choose it once:

and copy results:


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