"Change Signature" to add parameter. how do you not accept suggested name


In Intellij,open the "Change Signature" refactoring to add a parameter to an existing method.  

  1. Click "Alt+Insert" to add a new blank parameter.
  2. Enter the parameter's class name in the Type field
  3. Tab to the Name field
  4. Type the variable name you want, but if it does not match one of the AutoComplete suggestions what do you do?

Currently if I want to use a variable name other than one of the suggestions, I have to hit Esc which "closes" the line, meaning that I then have to hit F2 followed by Tab to get the focus into the Default Value field.  Is there a way to use what I've typed into the Name field (instead of an AutoComplete suggestion) without "closing" the line?

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Do you invoke Name completion using Ctrl+Space and want to cancel it?


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