Modules in IntelliJ IDEA


Hi all, 

I am coming from the .NET/Visual Studio world. I am fairly new to IntelliJ and looking at its project structure I am wondering how it compares to the same in Visual Studio. If my understanding is correct:

IntelliJ Project = Visual Studio Solution

IntelliJ Module = Visual Studio Project

Is this correct? I am asking because I want to create some Java Projects which comprises of several fundamental parts. A front-end web application and several backed projects separated by functionality. And I am no sure how to organize these into IntelliJ.

  1. Create several separate IntelliJ projects.
  2. Create one IntelliJ Project with several separate modules.

And in the other hand, how should I integrate all of these several modules/projects/facets into IntelliJ to work?


It's up to you, if there are dependencies between your projects, make them modules, otherwise you can use separate projects and work on them in different IDE frames.


See also (Eclipse Workspace = Visual Studio Solution = IntelliJ IDEA Project).


Thanks for your answers, I'd like to create a project structure like visual studio, with 1 project and several modules, but how do I create and organise the whole project and how to organise all the items, like facets, artifacts...?? It's here where I get lost.


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