Unable to save settings, workspace.xml FileTooBigException



I get constant: "Unable to save settings: Failed to save settings. Please restart IntelliJ IDEA"

In idea.log I can see:
2017-03-28 09:32:14,003 [2351262]   WARN - mponents.impl.stores.StoreUtil - Save settings failed
java.lang.RuntimeException: com.intellij.openapi.util.io.FileTooBigException: /Users/aismailov/my_project/trunk/.idea/workspace.xml

The workspace.xml file is 30.3MB and something is blocking it from growing larger.
I am on osx 10.12.3 with IntelliJ Ultimate 2017.1.
I have disabled "Markdown support" as recommended in similar threads.
I have chmod -R 777 workspace.xml
If I delete the file, it is re-created and grows to 30.3MB and then stops.
My idea.vmoptions:


I really need help with this because none of new project related settings I made are saved.


Thank you, found and voted for an open bug about this:


 I see the suggested workaround there is to increases the size limit of the idea file.  My solution was to simply delete the workspace.xml file and have Phpstorm regenerate it.  Not ideal if you have a lot of projects saved, or a lot of customization, but in my case this was not a big deal.  XML file went from 22MB to 6.  I have to assume the upgrade (or the history of upgrades) has left a lot of clutter behind.


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