GTK style on WelcomeScreen - RecentProjects



I've set GTK style in appearance settings, but RecentProjects list on WelcomeScreen still has blue selection color instead of orange. The "Configure" popup list is correctly displayed with orange color on selected item just like the rest of UI i ever used.

Does anybody know, if style is hardcoded for this in Idea or what GTK widget / css style it's using ? I'm trying to figure out, if it's problem with GTK theme or not. Thank you.

Pavel Zlámal


Check the comments at The plan is to abandon GTK Look&Feel, so I doubt that it will be addressed.


Hi Serge, thank you for your answer. I feel sad about this. I don't want my daily tool to be the only app, that look out of place on my desktop. At least please consider making accented color configurable.


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