Editor settings; disable folding by default; tutorial issues

Hi - I'm trying out PyCharm and running into a few teething problems.  Presumably these are easy to work around, but I haven't solved them yet, and haven't found answers in the online documentation or forum.  Any advice appreciated.

1) the introduction/tutorial mentions starting with the "empty project" template.  There is no such template listed in the create-project dialog.

2) the editor appears to usually code-fold my imports on opening a file.  This drives me nuts, and I haven't been able to find a setting to disable it.  How do I ensure the editor never folds *anything* unless I explicitly click it to collapse it?

3) on creating a project, a prompt appears at the top of the editor saying that the interpreter isn't set.  After selecting an interpreter, this error prompt doesn't go away for several minutes, then disappears.  Odd.

4) copying a block of code from one file, then pasting it into another (or elsewhere in the same document) tries to reformat the code, and virtually always badly mangles it because it tries to add additional indents as it goes, causing code to end up indented incorrectly.  Presumably copying a block of code and pasting it should just insert it as-is, and not reformat it until you start actually editing it?  I can't find a setting for this behaviour either.

5) the editor automatically reloads files if they change on disk, with no prompting or even notification.   I think this is due to the "synchronize files on frame or editor tab activation".  But I'm used to my editors offering a different behaviour; I would rather it notified me the file has changed on disk, and offer me the option to (a) ignore and keep current contents, or (b) load the changed file.  PyCharm does this if the file in the editor has unsaved changes (and autosave is off) but otherwise doesn't do it.  I can't find a setting to enable this behaviour all the time.

6) the file dialog you get when you click a path entry seems to operate from an out-of-date cache.  If I create a file in a directory that is one of the entries in the displayed path for another file I have open, from outside PyCharm, then in PyCharm click that entry in the path to try to open the new file, it is never displayed in the list of shown files.  If I wait half a minute and try again, it's there.  How do I get it to re-check the contents of the directory when I click the entry, so that it's up-to-date?

7) I encountered an issue that resulted in data loss.  A file I had open for editing, when I hit ctrl+s to save, encountered an error saving.  After dismissing the resulting error message dialog, the editor tab in question disappeared without promptintg, resulting in lost work.  Bug?



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