I've lost my custom keymap after last upgrade



This is happening during last upgrades, but not always and not in every machine I own. When I upgrade phpStorm, I lost my custom keymap configuration. For example, I like cmd+r for the File Structure, and it's gone. It never happened with version 2016, but it happens most of the time with 2017.

Obviously, it's very annoying having to set everything up again and again. If I import my previous exported settings, no keymap is imported. It's weird.

I'm using mac 10.12.4.

I would really appreciate any help here.


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 i just paid for the ultimate edition  in 2022 hoping this would be fixed and is still an issue, it just decides whenever it wants to reset the shortcuts, there is no logic to it, vi figured out keyboard shortcuts in 1972, jetbrains i dont know what to say, it really doesnt make sense to for me pay you to so i can debug your product. if you blow on this thing too hard it resets every setting, back to defaults, minus the theme.

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Jason Clark, are you using IDE Settings Sync? It might be this one.


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