[IntelliJ] How to set the connect timeout values when remote debugging


Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use IntelliJ to remote debug a server that is located in Ukraine, and the connection is very slow.

So need to increase the connect timeout value during the remote debugging, but the issue is that I can't find anywhere to update the default timeout value by IntelliJ.

The final error message: java.net.ConnectException "Connection refused: connect"

I'm not sure whether IntelliJ could not support the Debugger Timeout parameter? or I don't know how to do.

P.S my IntelliJ version: IDEA 14.1.4,  build #: IC-141.1532.4

To make sure the server connection is OK, I have used the Eclipse and increase the timeout value to test, the remote debug could be successful. (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5990438/eclipse-remote-debug-timeout-problem)



Thanks for the comments, success now


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