Auto-closing the open file pop-up box


When using the Open File pop-up box to navigate around, it will sometimes randomly close a few times before I can actually type into it.


I use this functionality all the time on my Windows machine without any issue, but I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and that's the environment I'm experiencing this issue. My version is Phpstorm 2017.1.4.


I have this problem with 2017.3.3, but it only happens when I paste what looks like a file name into the "Open Type" dialog. I think the problem is that it then recognizes that it's a file name (instead of a type), and tries to switch to the "Open File" dialog, and something goes wrong there.

It works fine when I type manually into the dialog, or if I paste type names (and not file names) into the dialog.


Hey guys... I'm using a Linux Mint distro with Cinnamon and I realize the root of the problem is the mouse auto focus configuration... Enabling the feature 'Prevent focus steeling' everything went back to rails.


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