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Hi there, I'm an ultimate user and I'm experiencing problems while building my projects. I have three Maven projects opened within the same window. All of them have at least three modules. The problem comes, for some reason why, none of them is being compiled. Is there any problem opening three projects at same workspace (window)? I need them opened in the same window because I do need all of them running to test my system. If I open only one project at a time, the build functionality works without any problems. Any hints?

Intellij Version 2017.1.3



We'll need a reproducible test case in order to investigate the problem and provide the solution. Since you can't attach the files to the forum here, it would be better for you to submit a ticket to support via and attach the sample project there. Thank you.


Hi Serge, after a few hours trying to understand the problem I've discovered the root cause. As I checked the option (while importing my projects): Syncronize Maven project model and IDEA project model, my projects POMs and IDEA were synchronized. It happens that a single line in one of the fifteen POMs was missing. In the resources section:

<!-- This line vvvv was missing!!! -->

Because of that, somehow Intellij was unable to build the whole workspace. I know that problem was a simple missing line but I believe it will be nice in the future, Intellij displaying a more detailed message instead of just "build" (I pressed the build option but nothing happens) the project without any warning.

Thanks, Felipe.


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