Inspections Entry Points export or for IDE setting


is there a way to export the Inspections Entry Points setting from one project and import to another?  Or can the Entry points be configured at the IDE level instead of Project level?

I have quite a few annotations that I marked as Entry points:


See Profile can be stored inside the project, copied or exported.


do not see the 'share profile" in the version 2017.1.3.

I did save the profile to "my profile" from project / module "A", and use the "my profile" in project / module "B" fine.   However, I found if the project / module "A" which shared the profile is NOT open, then the entry points are not available if I want to use the profile in a different project / module.

step to produce

  1. project / module "A", add all the needed entry points manually,
  2. save the profile to "My Profile"
  3. while project / module "A" still opened, open project / module "B", in project/module "B", use the profile "My Profile" shared by project / module "A", this works as expected.
  4. close both project / module "A" and "B", open project / module "C", pick the shared profile "My Profile", but the entry points are NOT there.

Changes in a profile saved for one project will not affect another project automatically since the information about the profile is stored in .idea directory inside the project directory. If you need a common profile for all projects and the changes in this profile to be reflected in all the projects automatically, use the IDE level profile instead (will be stored in IntelliJ IDEA config directory and referenced from the project only by its name).


yes.  I saved to IDE level profile.  But still did not seem it can be used by other project.


I see, please check This information is stored in misc.xml inside .idea subdirectory of the project.


Yes. that was how I manually copied the misc.xml to every other projects having the same inspection rules.  I wanted to see if there is a better way to export and and import it.  

As mentioned in other posts, the export will NOT export the configured "entry points", but only the profile name:

<component name="InspectionProjectProfileManager">
  <profile version="1.0">
    <option name="myName" value="Tphan Project" />

Entry points are specific to the project, so it makes sense to store this info per project, but there is no easy way to import/export it.


OK. thank you Serge for all the replied.

I am curious can we NOT easily just export / import these as those in misc.xml


You can do it manually.


I'm having this issue today. It's really tedious having to set the same entry points every project. Is there a way to set this at IDE level yet? Manually copying does not seem like a good solution. Feels like this is something that should work out of the box. 


Adam Jonas Not yet I'm afraid. You are welcome to give an upvote to IDEA-84055.


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