Feature suggestion: Convenient "on-demand" debugging


I'd like to propose a feature that lets you

  • start your application in run mode (avoiding the slower execution associated with debug mode)
  • later switch the toolwindow to "debug" mode with a single click (dynamically attaching the debugger and adding the debugger sub-tabs)

I described it in more detail at YouTrack: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-175893

Please vote / comment !


Thanks for the suggestion, responsible developer will review it when he returns from the vacation.


I do not see the bug, was it deleted? Could you describe how and in what cases debug mode affects your execution speed?


If I'm normally running my program (traffic simulator), I get 50 fps. With the debugger on it goes down to 40 fps.

It would be nice being able to start the debugger after a bit, maybe from the code itself with an if statement.


You can try using remote debugging.


Yes, add debug options to your run configuration. Always run. Whenever you need to debug - use attach to process, or remote debug configuration.


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