Intellij Ultimate as language agnostic with Java as a plugin


NOTE: if you agree with this, please upvote and also maybe look at as it is pretty close to this idea

I sent customer support a question not too long ago:

"I never use Java. I code in JavaScript, Python, PHP, and a few random other things.

I bought the license to use Intellij Ultimate thinking it would be more convenient to switch languages, especially as I hop into open-source libraries which are in a random language. However, I didn't realize quite much it would be Java-centric, which is actually pretty annoying.

Intellij Ultimate is the one that supports all the languages, so it seems like ideally it should be possible to split out the Java functionality into a plugin and remove it from the UI. Has there been any public discussion of that idea?"
The response I received: "I can't find any recent discussions on that topic."
Is this something that other users are interested in? I suppose I could also submit this into Youtrack to collect votes...
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