Can't add to favorites


Cannot find the option in File or in the context menu. If I press shift + alt + F, then pop-up Add to Favorites appears all grayed out. What could be the problem?

upd: I can, in fact, drag and drop. 


Favorites view supports only files, you can't add directories there, related request:


That should not be a request, but a bug, because, I am pretty certain I was able to do so before one of the latest updates, and, what is more important, the official documentation page says so: 

"You can arrange the most frequently used project items (files, folders, packages, instance and class members, etc.), bookmarks, and breakpoints in the lists of favorite items (favorites)."

Also, as I said, I am able to actually drag and drop a folder to the favorites right now.


Yeah, all right, I was just not certain if it actually is a bug, maybe I was just doing something wrong.

P.S. Shouldn't your name be "Sergey" instead of "Serge"? :)


We have too many Sergeys in the company, so we have to variate the spelling =)


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