Making a 32 bit .exe from PyInstaller using PyCharm

I have a 64 bit PC, and python 3.6.2 (64 bit), python 3.5.4 (32 bit), and python 3.5.4 (64 bit), all installed and added to my path.

In Pycharm, I created a virtual environment based off of python 3.5.4 (32 bit) and wrote a project in this env. Each version of python I have installed has an associated virtual env, and all of them have pyinstaller installed on them via Pycharm's installer.

However, when I open up a command prompt in the project folder and type

pyinstaller -F

it spits out a .exe that only runs on 64 bit machines. Everything is tested and works perfectly well on 64 bit PCs, but I get an error on 32 bit PCs asking me to check whether or not the system is 32 bit or 64 bit.

How can this be possible, and how do I fix it?

EDIT: It seems as though pyinstaller is accessing the python35 folder instead of the python35-32 folder when running. How do I stop this?

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