Adding Android aar dependency via gradle not working


Hi there. I have an Android project with a few dependencies, three of them *aar.

Like this, for example:

compile 'se.emilsjolander:stickylistheaders:2.7.0@aar'

However, when i reimport them, the dependency in the project gets really weird. I get "broken path" warning when i go into dependencies, and the path is something in "exploded-aar", for example:


I can remove the dependency, and re-add it, but it still gets the same path. 


I am not sure why this is. When i build the project command-line with gradle all works fine, as does it if i build from within Intellij. Regardless of how i build, nothing appears in the "exploded-aar" directory.


Pointers much appreciated.


Please report at with the sample project to reproduce attached.


Hey Serge, thanks for quick reply.


Hmm, thats interesting. When i created a new, empty project to include in my ticket, the dependency is created as expected when i add it! But in my "old" project, it does not. 


Could you venture a guess as to what i could do/investigate with my old project to determine why that dependency is created differently?




Not sure, try deleting .idea directory and reimport from Gradle.


Thanks. It worked when i remove the idea dir and re-create it. Strange though.


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