DataGrip evaluation - no auto reconnect, same as PgAdmin!

I am evaluating DataGrip for the primary reason that PgAdmin times out its connection to the server and does not automatically reconnect which drives me crazy and is a major time waste.

DataGrip does the same thing!

Why no auto reconnect? I don't care if the connection is lost - reestablish it and get on with the job I asked DataGrip to do!



Refer to postgres JDBC driver documentation to specify connection timeout. You can specify additional settings for driver in DataGrip's data source Advanced tab.

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Thanks Vasily for your reply but these setting doesn't help if the connection is closed by DB Server after certain interval (say 20 min in my case when connecting to Redshift). I am not sure if i am missing anything but I have tried all above configurations and nothing works. I always need to go to top right corner and switch schema and again switch it back and it automatically reconnects. Then my query runs fine.

I think what is needed in DataGrip is that if a user is running query where connection is closed by DB Server due to timeout, it auto reconnects to the last known connection without user knowing about it. 







This is critical for Redshift


There is an issue you can track and vote for.



Vasily, the issue you brought up is for Amazon RedShift (I'm following that one). As Anoshn noted, the settings provided don't affect the issue. I'm using DataGrip for postgresql and can confirm this also does not affect postgres connections. Should I continue to follow the issue you posted, or is there a different one for postgres specifically? I posted my concerns on DBE-5294 which is now over 11 months old. My evaluation will expire tomorrow and I don't plan on paying for this software if the bug fix is not even acknowledged (which it isn't and hasn't been on DBE-2594). Feel free to extend my evaluation if you want. I won't be able to get my company to move over to DataGrip if this is not fixed and implemented. Thanks


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