ctrl+shift+f searching in some last used directory instead of entire project



In past IntelliJ versions, ctrl+shift+f would search the entire project (no matter whether you had at some point used "find in path"). Now instead it only searches in the last directory you searched in, causing confusion of why there no or so few search results (I mean really, do you look at what is currently selected in a dialog box when you use a fast shortcut meaning "global search"?).


Is there an option to get ctrl+shift+f to always mean "search entire project", and have right clicking on a directory be the only way for "find in path"?



Well, aren't find in latest subdirectory, and find in whole project, two different functions? Would be nice to have a choice

When I right click a directory to do "find in path" on that one, that shouldn't change the behavior of the dialog setting for "ctrl+shift+f" imho.

It's also very confusing when the path it happens to have remembered is not even related to the file I'm editing right now.



"Voting for a resolved issue is not allowed." :(


The state of the issue is "Works as Intended", I've linked it so that you can see the discussion and reasons behind this behavior.


Is it open for improvement?

For example if you're editing a file and use ctrl+shift+f and the dialog has some old previous path you used in which the current file is not in, that's clearly wrong and open for improvement right? :)


Or some new shortcut that means "Search in whole project" instead of "Search in path"?


Or not overwrite/store the dialog setting when you get it from right click on dir with "search in path", only overwrite/store it when you manually change the path or whole project setting in this dialog itself?


To search in the current file you can use Ctrl+F.


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