Clearing Cache before running plugin


 Hi all

I stick on a problem, clearing the IntelliJ cache before running my plugin.

When I run my plugin, an own IntelliJ instance is launched, where I can open different projects and modules. When I stop this instance, everything (project, modules and selected files) semm to be cached somehow. Usually, this is very handy, but sometimes I want to run my plugin in a cleared environment with no opened project.

Ïs there a way to clear the run / debug cache for testing my plugin?





Add an external tool or a command line action that deletes the sandbox directory before launch or run it manually.

See Sandbox directory for plugin is specified in the plug-in SDK.


I deleted .IntelliJIdea\system\plugins-sandbox

but it's still opening the project and all files from last time are selected too.

Do I have to delete more cache files?


Btw. I'm using IntelliJ 2017.2.4


I see now a bit clearer: The file selection and the dimention of my plugin dialog seem to becached in the .idea folder in the corresponding project. 
May someone tell me, where reset especially the dimension of my plugin dialog to the default?
Do I have to reset the whole .idea folder to its default? Or is there another way to reset dialog positions and dimensions?


Check .idea/workspace.xml for the user specific project settings.


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