Generated DDL for Postgres indexes is missing index methods

Postgres supports different indexing methods (


The name of the index method to be used. Choices are btreehashgistspgistgin, and brin. The default method is btree.

Non-default index method is very important for index DDL. The parts in bold are missing from DataGrip-generated DDL.

CREATE INDEX ssd_wos_auth_source_id_index

  ON wos_authors USING hash (source_id) TABLESPACE ernie_index_tbs;



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There is an issue you can track.

Thank you

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The key type is still missing after 2+ years... ??

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I agree. This should be prioritized in the next release. However, datagrip is a very fine tool. Keep up the good work Jet Brains Team. If you need help with this feature, please reach out to me. 


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