Multi Project passenger-docker based development environment ISSUES

as already mentioned in another post ( I have a multi project passenger-docker based development environment.

I recently upgraded RubyMine to version 2017.3 EAP6 and now I can add a DockerCompose remote Ruby SDK.
I also managed to add a Docker Deployment configuration based on docker-compose.yml (it is tedious to add the same configuration for a dozen of projects).

Issues with this setup:

  1. Download of remote SDK is slow
  2. Download of remote SDK stop existing running containers
  3. Starting containers from the IDE stop previous running ones

My questions:

  1. how can I solve my issues?
  2. how will docker support evolve in the near future?

Many thanks,

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Hello Mauro,

regarding download speed please vote for the issue in order to get notifications about its state:

As for containers being stopped, RubyMine doesn't send commands to do it so you can check what will happen in case you launch a container and then run it from the command line again. However, we have a request for improving the current mechanism (those are future improvements of docker support):

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Hello Olga,
many thanks for your reply.

I usually bring my docker based environment up with the following command:

    docker-compose up -d

The problem occurrs when I open my project in RubyMine: the IDE start downloading the SDK gems and stops mi docker based environment.

As said in my previous post, the same happen if I add specific Docker Compose based configuration and "deploy" to local docker environment (BTW, is "deploy" terminology appropriate?).

Hope to see improvements on Docker soon.
At the moment it is painful to work with RubyMine (probably due to the fact that I have a multi project environment).

Many thanks,




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