Multiple Virtual Environments

I have a monolith repo with multiple micro-services each with their own virtual environment.

How can I set it up to have Pycharm bounce between using multiple virtual environments?

I have tried setting to a folder with links to the current venv that I want to use, but pycharm seems to get confused and continues using the last one.  I have tried invalidating caches to fix this but still not luck.

If it helps, each microservice is its own python package and has the venv inside that directory structure.


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Wow, that's a bugger.  The simplest thing I can think of is to actually open one Pycharm instance per microservice subfolder, that should keep it in line with the Pycharm expectation that one project has one virtualenv.  

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Any better solution?

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Have you considered configuring all those virtualenvs as Project Interpreter in PyCharm and then just switch between them when needed?


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