Code completion stopped working

My code completion has stopped working and I don't know how to fix it. Here is a screen shot of my settings.


This happens when you have too much text in the console and/or too many consoles open at once: tt's probably caused by a memory issue.  You will see other kinds of flaky behaviour in the console in this situation.


Could you specify how much is "your text in the console"?
Also, it'll be useful to get IDE logs and Memory snapshot.
Thank you.


I don't have IDE logs or a memory snapshot, unfortunately, because I cleared everything out.

I also don't know if the problems are caused by too much text in the console I am using or in the total number of consoles.  Typically I have found problems with about a dozen consoles and with a couple of pages of code in the one I am using.  In this situation Code Completion either doesn't work at all or is even flakier than usual and the cursor moves about (see my reports on YouTrack). 


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