Keyboard issues with right alt and polish keyboard layout


My env: Win10, Intellij 2017.3, Logitech g510s (both alt say 'alt' - no altgr), system lang - us, input method - polish programmers keyboard

In all JetBrains IDEs right alt behaves like ctrl+alt. If I want to use polish letter ż - Ralt+z IDE reads it as ctrl+alt+z and reverts changes. Supper annoying. Almost all polish accented letters are affected and so few other shortcuts that should work with ctrl+alt but work also with Ralt.

I searched a lot because its super annoying but either problems were back from 2008 and resolved or didn't match my case.
I also tried the following (true and false) but it didn't work.



Yes, still no solution though


Does it work correctly in other Java Swing applications like JEdit and NetBeans?


Just installed netbeans and no, the problem does not exist. Both alt keys are highliting menu bar (File Edit View... ) but only left alt+V opens View menu.


Try adding -Dcom.jetbrains.use.old.keyevent.processing=true in Help | Edit Custom VM Options.

By the way, where did you add option?

See if switching Runtime to Oracle Java 8 helps:


I put it in Perhaps it should start with -D as this one you provided. I only have jdk and jre 8.

It works now with and -Dcom.jetbrains.use.old.keyevent.processing=true
Are there any side effects of that?

It works with only


-D should be added if you add it in Help | Edit Custom VM Options, Help | Edit Custom Properties works without -D.


Ah, alright, I was putting it in Help | Edit Custom Properties.


to VM Options doesn't fix it.

The working solution is to add to custom properties. Thank you


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