Exporting a table or row as JSON doesn't recognize JSON data columns


Even if I mark a column as JSON with the help of the "Set Highlighting Language" option, exporting a table or row will not recognise any JSON inside these columns. And it will escape any double quotes because it treats the entire contents of the column as a JSON value.

Does anyone have any workaround? I tried to look at the json groovy script, but couldn't figure it out without learning the script language first.

Here's an example of a JSON exported row:

    "EventType": "ManufactureProcessError",
    "EventSource": "ManufactureStateMachine",
  "Payload": "{\"product_version\":\"86C20751-D11E-4115-83E3-8A049A03A780\",\"serial_number\":\"\",\"event\":{\"station\":\"20\",\"action\":\"LeaveS20\",\"current_state\":\"AtS20\",\"message\":\"No valid conditions for 'LeaveS20'.\"}}"

Hi - what DBMS do you use?


Hi Arina. This is MS SQL Server 2022.


Thank you.

Looks like the problem exists for DBMS that have no dedicated JSON data type, like MSSS for instance - and does not exist for e.g. MySQL and PostgreSQL that do utilize a special json type.

I created a new bug report for it at our issue tracker: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-18402. Its resolution depends on implementing https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-16947

You are welcome to follow the progress in both issues.


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