What's up the the tantalyzingly brief pop up notices in the bottom right of the PyCharm IDE that I can't bring back up and read?


Ubuntu at least permits one to click on the notice bar at the top when its tantalyzingly brief notifications disappear at the same location in the IDE. But PyCharm not only doesn't permit you to bring them back to read them, but you can't even restart the PyCharm IDE to see them again.

Where is the history of those notifications hidden in the IDE?


Would it be possible to make a screenshot of that notification? Or is it not always reproducible?
All the notifications are in the Notifications tool window on the right:


Thanks.  Might I suggest moving that to the lower right of the UI or, if not that, then making the popup notifications appear at the upper right next to that notification icon so one is drawn to the right place in the UI by the notifications?


Good point!
I'll file a ticket to our issue tracker about that.


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