Connecting to LocalDb


LOL! I must be missing something incredibly obvious...

I am trying to create a new localdb (Sql Server) in Datagrip using Windows authentication. I fill out all the fields, click Test...and nothing happens, except for an endlessly spinning icon.

For fun, I used Sql Server Management Studio to create a database in localdb and then tried connecting to that from within Datagrip. Same endlessly spinning icon.

How do I create, and open, localdb databases within Datagrip?


Hi Mark,

What is your OS and version of DataGrip?

If you use localhost to connect, make sure there are no extra mappings for it in your system hosts file.

Please also provide a screenshot of the data source connection settings in DataGrip ('General' tab).


Thanx for the replies, Arina & vasily! I was able to connect, finally. I think I'd left out choosing a database, thinking I would be offered a choice after the connection was established, that being the way Sql Server Management Studio works (the database dropdown in the connection configuration screen was empty, for some reason).

In case anyone from JetBrains is monitoring this thread, the online documentation does not reference one of the offered authentication methods, Windows Credentials. Which is, as things would have it, the one I wanted to use :).


Thanks for the update Mark.

I believe there is a link to a help section that describes how to use Windows domain authentication for the connection in the documentation page that Vasily provided. Were you looking for something else?


That link is for Windows domain authentication, not Windows credential authentication. The latter simply uses the current user's credentials whereas the former requires explicitly specifying the domain, user and password.

Ah indeed, I see the discrepancy now. Thanks for clarifying Mark. 

I submitted a task to update the documentation👍🏻

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