Toolbox does not aopen application and projects


I have Toolbox, macOS 13.5.2 installed, when clicking on any app or project it shortly says “Opening ..” and return to the version number and  does not open any app or project.




Hello Torsten,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please clarify do you have your Macbook on Apple Silicone (ARM architecture)? 
If yes please could you download the Toolbox App from the website making sure to select the correct architecture for Apple Silicone in the drop-down list near the download button. Then install it and try to run the IDE through Toolbox App. Does that work for you?


Hello Ivan,

thank you for your answer. I  download the newest Appel Silicone Version and know it works. Thought it did it before but I probably didin't.

Thanks for the help


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