Ctrl-N to open Java class code; how to open non-Java files?


I'm weary, in huge (Java) projects, of having to scroll down to src/test/resources… to open test fodder or down to src/main/resources, src/test/resources to open logback.xml, etc. In Eclipse (been a long time) there was a Ctrl-___ to be able to open any file in the project, then begin to type its name.

Have I just never stumbled upon this in IDEA?


Shift+Shift for Search Everywhere or Ctrl+Shift+N for Navigate | File


Oh, (I did Google for a solution without luck--must have been my search string), okay, this is pretty much equivalent to how it works in Eclipse (so long ago, I don't remember what else I had to do like Shift+Shift here).

Thanks. This is perfectly acceptable and (of course, it works). Thanks, Serge!


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