Stretch Editor Not Working




I am able to get the stretch to top/other directions working for the tool windows but it is not working for the editor tabs (assuming the editor tab is what we write in/like buffers). I am running the following configuration, with IdeaVim. (No conflicts in these shortcuts themselves)


Josh Piper1505 stretch actions are intended to change size of the editor splits - multiple code panes aligned side-by-side. 

Unfortunately it's not clear from your screenshot whether there is more than one editor split. If there's more than one, please clarify if these tabs are shown in the main IDE window or detached and share a screenshot where the whole IDE window can be seen. Thank you!


Thanks Ekaterina Valeeva , so it sounds like stretch editor actions is what I am after, but I still can't get it to work. I created the split using the action dialog and stating split right. 


The editors are in the main IDE window. I have tab placement set to none as per the video by JetBrains about a simple editor. 


The initial image was in the split mode, here is another showing the issue, you can see my focus is on the editor split as per the highlight in the banana pane. Note this issue occurs in the IDE window but also when attempting in the detached view.


Josh Piper1505 thank you, reproduced. 

I filed a new ticket to our tracker, please upvote IDEA-336749 and follow it for updates, see this article if you are not familiar with YouTrack.


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