How to follow YouTrack issues and receive notifications

Watching YouTrack issues

When processing your support requests our technical support team can escalate problems to the development team by submitting them into our issue tracker called YouTrack and providing you with the issue link.

Issues are reported into the public YouTrack server located at:

It's advised that you start following the issue to receive automatic notifications from YouTrack when the issue is updated (status changes, new comments appear, etc). This is important because our developers may need more information in order to reproduce and fix the reported case. It's also handy as you will know when the issue is resolved without checking it manually.

You are subscribed to the automatic notifications when you do any of the following:

  • Vote for the issue using the thumbs up button on the right of the issue summary
  • Star the issue with the star icon on the left of the issue summary
  • Leave a comment


Note that you must be logged in for these actions to be available.

Advanced notification options are available in the YouTrack user profile settings.

If you submitted an issue and it has been marked as a duplicate, there's no need to vote for the original one - your duplicate automatically counts as a vote there.

Providing sensitive data

In case you need to attach any sensitive data that would be visible only to JetBrains team and you, limit the visibility of the comment or attached file to jetbrains-team group:


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Thank you. Now it's clear.


I noticed that where it says how to subscribe to an issue, it says "the thumbs up button on the left". I think this should be "the thumbs up button on the _right_".


Why can't I access my own YouTrack from a link in the JetBrains toolbox?

We have created a YouTrack but the URL is hidden and we can't find it after a computer restarts. So we have to go track down some random email to find a link to our own tracker. How are we supposed to access it?


andrew This document is not related to YouTrack configuration at all. Please contact YouTrack support for help.


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