Disable https requests to ssh git remotes


My WebStorm project uses an ssh git remote of the form


and this works because I have an entry in my ~/.ssh/config defining myserver. (This points to a simple VPS that I own, where I back up my projects.)

The problem is that every time I open my project, WebStorm makes a request to https://myserver:443, which (for reasons detailed below) results in WebStorm complaining about an untrusted certificate.

I would like to tell WebStorm to stop making this https request to myserver.

What's going on

Following https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360010617059-Untrusted-Server-Certificate-Warning-Message?page=1#community_comment_360003021440, I added the suggested lines to the debug log settings, and found lines like this:

2023-11-01 11:43:27,664 [93413912]   FINE - #c.i.u.p.CommonProxy - CommonProxy.select called for https://myserver:443

in the WebStorm log.

I have used my setup for years with no problem, but I just got a new WiFi router made by Sagemcom, which for some reason resolves requests to https://myserver:443 to point to itself, i.e. to and it serves up its own, self-signed, expired certificate, which makes WebStorm (quite reasonably!) complain about the untrusted cert. If e.g. I use my cell phone's hotspot instead of my new router, the problem goes away. But that's not an acceptable solution.

Unacceptable solutions

This post https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4414137297810-Disable-GIT-remote-access- suggests going into Settings > Version Control > Directory Mappings, and removing the project directory altogether. That's unacceptable, because I want all the other features, like highlighting of modified lines, etc.

Failed solutions

I tried every possible setting on the “Explicitly check for incoming commits on remotes” dropdown, under Settings > Version Control > Git, but none of these solved the problem.


My current workaround is to add an entry in my /etc/hosts making myserver resolve to the loopback. This works, as long as I'm not serving anything on 443 on my machine. WebStorm is unable to connect when it requests https://myserver:443, and evidently it's happy enough to just fail silently. Fine. But if I'm testing a server on port 443 on my machine, this workaround will fail.

Desired solution

If there's an existing, simple solution to this problem, please let me know! Otherwise, I think it would be reasonable to have a way to tell WebStorm that a given ssh remote is simply not going to respond to the https request it wants to make (whatever that request is for).



Can you try disabling Github, Gitlab + Space plugin? 

Let us know if this worked. 


Hi, and thanks for your response! Among GitHub, GitLab, and Space, I only have GitHub and Space.

Disabling Space alone seems to solve the problem! I guess as long as I don't want to use the Space plugin, this is a good solution. Thanks!

I do still think it might make sense to have a section in the config panel for each of these plugins, where you can tell them to ignore certain remotes. Maybe just a listing of remotes, with checkboxes beside them?



Can you please open this as a feature request on: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/


Thank you very much.  


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