Keymap combo works in editor--not in 'Show File Structure'


I use 'Show File Structure' a lot to jump to different methods/properties.

I'm using a modified emacs keymap on my Mac. Control-N/Control-P go up or down 1 line respectively.

This works fine in most places, but in the 'Show File Structure' dialog, it doesn't, and I'm forced to lift my hand up and go over to the arrow section on my keyboard (up/down/left/right) in order to navigate. Sounds minor, but it's an annoyance and slows me down a bit.

So, I guess this is a feature request--please allow keyboard shortcuts to work in this selection dialogs.





It seems that IDEA-332385 describes exactly the same problem, please upvote that ticket and follow it for updates. See this article if you are not familiar with YouTrack.


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