Is the Defender antivirus exclusion still a bug?


I am running IntelliJ Community Edition 2023.2. I have added both JetBrains folder as well as my Java projects folder to my exclusions list:


Yet whenever I open up a new project it asks me to add IdealC to exclusions list and the project folder to the exclusion list. Is this some sort of bug? Isn't including the parent directory of JetBrains and all Java projects make all exes and sub-folders exluded from being scanned?



Please vote for the related issue here:

Our IDE currently always shows that prompt for any new opened project because thelist of Defender excluded directories is a security-critical information, and even viewing it requires administrative privileges.
So we always show the notification even if you have excluded it before because the IDE needs the admin permission to view it and it has no knowledge if the project folder was added into the last.
When you click the "Automatically" button there, it will ask the admin permission and check it.

As a workaround, please "Never ask again" option in the prompt to completely silent it.

I did check “Automatically every time” but that didn't change anything so I tried running IntelliJ as administrator and then clicked on "Automatically every time" which also didn't help. I don't want to silent the notification completely as it is helpful when opening files from untrusted directories. Any other ideas?

There is no "Automatically every time" option there. There are four options there: Automatically, Manually, Ignore for this project, Never ask again.
Choose "Automatically" to run a script that excludes these paths (Windows will ask for administrative privileges). Choose "Manually" to see Defender configuration instructions, and the user needs to do it manually.

So for every new project that opened, the IDE will always show that notification if you haven't silent it before.
The reason it always shows that notification is the list of Defender excluded directories is security-critical information, and even viewing it to see if include needed excluded directories requires administrative privileges.
So when you click the `Automatically` at that time, the windows will show a dialog to ask for administrative privileges, then the IDE can check if you already have needed directories in defender. After the IDE gets administrative privileges, if the defender already has needed directories there, the IDE won't add any directories there. Otherwise, it will add the needed directories.

There is a related request to improve this behavior without showing that notification every time:

Yes I meant automatically. I have ticked that multiple times and I still get the pop up. Are you saying that at the moment even clicking automatically won't make the message go away if I open a new project?

Yes, "automatically" means it will automatically check the excluded directories for **current project** and add needed excluded directories.
It doesn't mean it will do it for each project automatically.

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