Broken Window after install


Hi there,

I have no idea if I'm at the right place, so here is what is happening :

I recently install VirtualBox, created an Ubuntu VM and tried to install intellIJ (with snap or the doc, I tried both)

Here is what i got when i launch intellIJ or run :

What the _ is going on ?


Does it help if you disable GPU acceleration the VM settings?

See also if setting “_JAVA_AWT_WM_NONREPARENTING=1” environment variable in the terminal before starting the IDE helps (google for details).


Dear Serge Baranov,

You were actually right, disabling 3D acceleration fixed this problem, thanks a lot.
Weird though, on Xubuntu, everything works fine even with 3D acceleration.

Thank you or your help and your reactivity. Hope my case will help others.



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