Cannot launch server from guidewiere studio


I'm using idea ultimate on daily basis and had to install guidewire policy center studio which requires idea ce 2021.1.3. And I've installed it manually as toolbox doesn't support such old releases.

And on macos m1 I cannot launch the server as directory build/idea/webapp is not created. 

It's not working on macos m1 though there's no problem on windows and linux - but there're different jvm versions so the env is not same. 

So far I've checked the idea logs, set different paths in to isolate the config from the but looks it didn't work

Any idea how to investigate this issue or how to fully isolate idea ce config from idea ultimate


I'd contact guidewiere studio support regarding this issue.


If I'm not wrong gw studio is supported only on windows, apart from that there's no support for partners


IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and CE configs are completely isolated. We don't know what guidewiere studio is expecting from IntelliJ IDEA setup and why it doesn't work.


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