Show project name and/or full path in title bar

I'm running PhpStorm 2023.3.3 (PS-233.14015.96, 2024/1/25) on Windows 10, and I've recently updated to the “New UI” at PhpStorm's suggestion.

It's great, except that I no longer have any identifying information about the project name or full path, so when I have multiple projects open I'm basically flying blind (unless I scroll right up the top of the project files window).

I would like to show the project name, or at least the full path (which contains a unique top-level directory structure) in the window header or somewhere else suitably visible.

I've already tried most of the suggestions I can find on here, including enabling the “Always show full path in window header”, but that didn't seem to make any difference for me:

After enabling (and restarting a bunch of times), my window header is still blank:

Has anybody got any suggestions/solutions?

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Update: managed to solve the issue by creating a file called .name in the .idea folder, containing a one-line name for the project. Thanks to Andriy Bazanov here:


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