Switching split editor panels by visual direction


Hi. If I split to the right I get two editor panels.  If I then split each panel down, I get a 2x2 grid.  Is there a hotkey that could then be used to switch the panels according to their relative position on the screen? For example:

[A]  B
 C   D

I'm in editor A.  I want to press something that will take me “to the right” (B):

 A  [B]
 C   D

Now I'm in B, I want to press something that will take me “down”, to panel D.

See what I mean? Not switching between files/tabs like with Ctrl+Tab, but switching editor panels, predictably by hitting a hotkey designated for a specific direction (up, down, left, right).

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Unfortunately there's no such built-in functionality so far - only switching between Next/Previous splitter is possible, see corresponding actions under IDE main menu Window | Editor tabs. 

We have a request for that in our tracker, IDEA-197757, but it has not been prioritized yet, sadly. Please upvote the mentioned ticket (and related) so we can better estimate the demand on this feature. See this article if you are not familiar with YouTrack.

There is a third-party Tab shifter plugin that you might want to try. From what I know it's not maintained anymore, but for me it works fine in IDEA 2024.1 on Windows 11. 



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