Not stopping on breakpoint (DRF project). Python-3.11 & PyCharm 2023.3.4 (Professional Edition)

I am running my DRF project using docker-compose interpreter which is running successfully and can make API calls. But in debug mode, it does not stop at the breakpoint. I am fairly new here. Don't know which config has been missed. I set PYCHARM_DEBUG=True as env variable. and it gives the response of the Added breakpoint:/opt/project/backend/user/ - line:20 - func_name:b'post' where I am setting the breakpoint. And also giving me this when the container is about to start. any suggestion !!!

It is working for python-3.10 not in 3.11


After enabling the No Reload , the debugger is stopping at the breakpoint. From the doc - No reload: If this checkbox is selected, the -- noreload option of the runserver command becomes enabled. If this checkbox is not selected, PyCharm will not select it automatically, which means that debugging in autoreload mode is not possible.

But it will activate the python runserver --noreload. Will not reload after changing the code. Any better solution?


Hi Chowdhurytusharroy!

Please provide screenshot of Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Python Debugger, code sample and more specific steps to reproduce the issue if possible, along with Logs from Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data. Please upload it to and let me know the upload ID.


Mikhail Tarabrikov  Upload id: 2024_03_05_EybqbUAQ5zPGp5muyQLZY1 (file: pycharm debugger please check the instruction file.


Hi Mikhail Tarabrikov  any update on this? Thanks !!!


Hi Chowdhurytusharroy , sorry for the delayed response.

I have created a ticket with limited visibility here: PY-71395 , assigned developer will take a look.

Please follow the issue for updates, feel free to vote and comment, and let us know if you need any help. If you're not familiar with YouTrack, please see


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