How do I do kotlin multiplatform with IntelliJ IDEA?


How could I run the iOS emulator on a multiplatform project? I can't select it from the configuration menu.

Thanks in advance.


Make sure you installed all the plug-ins per .

If it doesn't help, file a bug at and attach the logs (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data).


I made all the steps, but there is no Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile plugin available for IntelliJ?

On Android Studio it is and works pretty well.

​Greetings from JetBrains Support. 
Since the problem seems to be Kotlin-specific, our Kotlin team will take a look at it as soon as they get a chance. 
It might take a while to receive a reply, but rest assured that your request will be addressed.
Hello, Zpecter!

You can use IDEA for multiplatform development.
To generate a KMP project, use the following site:

I am here to find the answer if you have more specific questions.

Thank you!

Hi Anton Mefodichev,

I know how to generate a KMP project, my problem is when I want to launch the project con an iOS Simulator on IntelliJ:

How do I run the iOS version for my KMP project? Because the Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile plugin is only available for Android Studio and not for IntelliJ.

Thank you for the clarification!
Unfortunately, indeed, KMM plugin does not support IDEA. We have a ticket regarding this issue:
At this moment you can use supported Android Studio by the KMM plugin:

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