vaadin support and vaadin add-on howto


im trying out intellij and vaadin. Tried eclipse - where everything just works but intellij semas more responsive so I would like to see how it works with vaadin. The plugin is active and it does create a very simple helloworld for me (intellij 2016.2)

but thats it. Im new to everything and finding no documentation... am I missing something?

I installed IvyIDEA and it does something... If I add a add-on dependency like >Vaadin Icons add-on I can compile but not deply - its missing the files on deployment. So thats one issue - next most likly will be widgetset and theme things.

Does someone have a dummy explanation on how to get a hello world working with a button that has a vaadin icon and possible some other add-on that requires widget recompile and deploy?

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thanks, but they done really address the issues.

I tried already 1) the plugin 2) plugin with ivy 3) maven as in the linkes you send

the issues in all are that they are so basic they are useless. As soon as you add a vaadin addon like "filteredtable" that need a widget compile you will find that half the files are missing, pom.xml needs changing and other stuff not described very well. I found different blogs/websites/XXX that describe how to add stuff but ... they are not complete. Or at least I cannot make anything work from them. pieces of a puzzle that dont fit.

like this one that seams complete - but ... its not working for me.



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> but ... its not working for me

What exactly is not working for you from this tutorial? Maybe you can share your project?

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depoending on what im trying its either saying to recompile widgetset or missing a JS file (thats also clearly not there).

so some steps are clearly missing and that brings me back to a complete, uptodate (versions and so on) description A-Z on how to setup a development env. IntelliJ 2016.2 and vaadin and at least ONE working vaadin add-on like FilterTable

the steps I try from creating a new project are in this PDF:



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