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Is there a way to build a project through IntelliJ, with Maven?
I started referencing an external .jar dependency in my Scala/Spark project. Because that file was signed, I had to add the maven-shade-plugin along with the following:
This can also be seen in more detail here:
The build in IntelliJ does not appear to create a build based on the plugins listed in the maven pom file.
My question is: Is there a way to generate the build, that utilizes the maven plugins?

I would like to do this, because I am using the "Azure toolkit for IntelliJ" plugin, which can take the IntelliJ build output, and submit a job to a Spark cluster.

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It appears that this specific Maven configuration is not supported by IDEA. Please submit a request at with more details (a sample project with pom.xml).

You can try adding post-build steps to IntelliJ IDEA artifact

Artifact jar can be post-processed by an Ant task that will remove certificates from META-INF folder.


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