Slow typing when window size more than 75 lines of code


I have latest update of IntelliJ 162.2032.8 from 8 September . 

Mac version : El Capitan 10.11.16

My 4k monitor can support high resolution so I can open very large window to view up to 103 lines of code.  

The problem is that it works very slow, I cannot type in a comfortable way. 

I have found that if I resize IntelliJ to view 75 lines of code it works perfect and if resize it from 75 lines to 103 it gradually show slowness.   

I have tested the same case on my colleagues computers with the same configuration and can always reproduce it. 

Note: Before I had Windows 7 and the same IntelliJ Idea and there were no problems with big window which consisted 103 lines of code. 

Is it known problem ? Is there any solution? 





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Thanks Sergey,

I will continue in this conversation.


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