Alternative terminal crashing


Hi everyone,

I'm using fish as a terminal and since I upgrade my OS to MacOS Sierra, IntelliJ is throwing the following error message to me when I try to open a terminal session:

Can't Open Local Terminal Exec_tty error:Unknown reason


This error message isn't really helpful for me track down the issue. Bash works completely fine.

Anybody has an idea to fix that or is running into similar issues? Thanks in advance!

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Can you use fish outside of IDEA? Does it work without errors?

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Working fine in

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Oh, thanks, I haven't found this issue. I'm on 2016.3 EAP, build 163.5219.11, but the fix is done on 163.5371. Guess I'll just wait for the update, thanks a lot :)

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This just started happening a while ago after I installed High Sierra 10.13.3 beta 4, so obviously I thought it was because of the beta.

After a few tries, though, I remembered that I am using a GitHub repo for the preferences, both on my copy of PHPStorm at home and IntelliJ at work. At work I had set the terminal to Git Bash under Windows, and at home I use OS X's

So that was the cause of the problem. If someone finds this question, check what you have in your Settings->Tools->Terminal->Shell Path, and that you actually have a valid shell specified.

I am now separating the settings for each to prevent this issue.


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