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My beloved IDEA is one of my most valuable tools.  But sadly I can't do any significant work without it interfering with iTunes audio (Windows).  It causes iTunes to stutter, pause, "rubber band", etc.  I suspect the compiler is blocking some IDE GUI thread putting it into some contention with iTunes threads at the OS GUI level.  The same does not happen when I do heavy work with Visual Studio and other tools.  Is there any way I can tweak IDEA thread usage to avoid this kind of thing?  Reprioritize the GUI threads or something like that.  Surely I'm not the first to experience this kind of real-time interference.


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There is no level priority configuration you can do from within IntelliJ IDEA.

The problem has to be solved on OS level, not application level. You can try changing iTunes process priority via Process Explorer tool.

The issue can be also related to I/O subsystem. Your OS device drivers may cause high DPC latency on certain conditions. The common issue is the disk driver causing the audio driver clipping. See if it's the case using and Google for details.

Normally, it should not be a problem on any system with up to date drivers and properly working hardware.

It's unlikely to be related to any GUI operations.

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Thanks for your feedback.  I believe you are correct that disk I/O probably plays a role in it but I think there's more to it than that.  Disk driver contention wouldn't explain mouse/cursor and keyboard lags that occur simultaneously with the audio lags.  I only experience this when I have IDEA running and it is working hard such as during periods of compiling and whatever else it does in the background.  It's not a problem when I use other IDEs (Visual Studio, Eclipse) or other tools.  I also experience it occasionally with PyCharm although to a lesser degree.  It's as if during periods of heavy I/O whatever graphics library IDEA is using is not synchronizing well with the Windows GDI causing GUI threads of other apps to block for periods long enough for it to be relevant to their performance.  iTunes possibly shares some of the blame by not sufficiently isolating audio threads from GUI ones.

I suspected there would not be a simple fix but it was worth a try.

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I'm getting this just copy pasting in PHPStorm, and DataGrip using Spotify. Am quite new to JetBrains software and am about to uninstall it due to this :(

Is there anything I can do?

(Posting this here as this seems to be the only thread in the search results that exists mentioning this.)


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