Gradle multimodule project and war artifact structure



I'm with the IJ Pro 15.0.1

My project is a Gradle multimodule with one war module.

I live since long with a little annoying problem :

My war module structure is standard :

   - java sources files are located in src/main/java

   - other files are located in src/main/resources

Gradle build process is standard too,

    - java are compiled in build/classes/main

    - resources are copied (and generated for some) in build/resources/main

The problem is that the idea gradle plugin doesn't link the build/resources/main to the WEB-INF/classes directory of the war artifacts (only build/classes/main)

So each time I do a gradle synchronize (in the gradle idea view), I have to correct manually the artifact structure

Is-there a workaround to that ?






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Does the command line Gradle build produce the correct results?

If so, please try with a more recent IDEA version from


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