Cannot access/get up debguger panel


To start off please be aware that I'm real newbie here and I would really appreciate anyones help.
I only started to learn Java about month ago going by a book called Head First Java second edition. I have some previous experience with Visual Basic but that's about it. So this probably gives you an idea what kind of newbi we are dealing here.

Anyhow, I'm struggling to use the debugger feature - namely whatever I do I cannot get the debug panel up where you can also see all variables etc. I did as I've seen on some youtube videos by adding break line and then running the debug. It runs, it even displays some information on Messages Make window (it even states its using javac 1.8.0_102 to compile java sources, so I guess that has been set up correct). It even notes some intentional errors that i have left in etc.... but all this in Messages Make window. If I look from View->Tool windows I can see from there that Debug (Alt + 5) is always greyed out. I tried the free standard version and also the Ultimate Trial version. No difference. I'm running Win 8.1. So I think I'm doing something really wrong.

I would be extremely thankful if someone can help me. I've spent hours on googling and trying different things to resolve this. Right now learning Java is super important to me and I really like this software as it looks awesome.

Kind regards,

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You have to start your app in debug mode first so that the breakpoint is hit. If there are errors in the code, the app will not compile and you can't start it.

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Thank you for the feedback. It was simply a case of moving the .java file into src folder. I made that file with a text editor and I did not realise that the file itself needed to be in particular folder. Like I said before.... I'm a proper newbie. Thank you for all of the help.

On a side note I gotta praise this software a little bit. I have been playing around with this IDE all day long and I've gotta say this is an amazing software. It really helps me to understand some more complex codes and how things work in Java. Using breakpoints and and going through line by line of code while keeping eye on variables is extremely helpful. I was already going nuts in trying to understand some of the exercise codes from my book. At least now I have a fighting chance. I also love the flexibility of the settings. I have already been customising some settings and stuff (some macros and key maps). Dracula theme is also so easy on the eye.

In short sentence, I cannot believe this tool is absolutely free for the community.
Ok, time to get my nose back in the book. I hope this journey of trying to learn Java and to become a software developer leads me to somewhere to better myself and to better my life.

Thanks again.


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